Employed and Supervised by Dr. Sam Rader, Ph.D.

Emma creates a nurturing space so that her clients can feel secure while exploring the deeper parts of themselves. She has a solid, grounded presence, while also valuing authentic humor and playfulness. Emma deeply respects her clients and prizes collaboration. She believes that her client’s innate self-knowledge is the most powerful therapeutic tool.


Emma is committed to a holistic lifestyle and a holistic approach in her depth work, in which she explores how her clients’ early experience shaped their current reality. Embodying empathy and a nonjudgmental open-mindedness, Emma earns her clients’ trust so that she can support them to intuitively explore and heal their relationships, career, creativity, sexuality, and gender identity.

Emma has a feminist orientation and enjoys supporting the LGBTQ+ community and trauma survivors. She also loves working with adolescents and young adults. She is committed to lifelong learning and the continued development of her multicultural competency.


Emma earned a dual Masters degree at Columbia University in Mental Health Counseling and Clinical Psychology. She completed her clinical internship at an LGBTQ+ affirmative clinic in New York City, while also volunteering for a crisis hotline and working at an international art auction house. In her free time, Emma practices yoga and takes improv classes.

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