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Are you hungry for therapy but feel that one-on-one pricing is a bit steep? 

Have you always been curious about your own growth as part of a group?


In a process group, we focus on being relational in the moment, rather than supporting each other regarding things going on outside of the room.  We are encouraged to share our immediate here-and-now reactions toward one another in real-time. 


Through increasingly authentic relating, we get a better sense of ourselves, how we impact others, and how others impact us. We all bring our familiar relational patterns—some powerful, some painful—which were most likely shaped by our early experience. 

Through group support and mirroring, emotional risk-taking, working through conflicts, and deepening intimacy, we learn how to better see and hold ourselves and each other.


When the group strikes that perfect balance of truth and love, real growth can happen—growth you take with you into your world.

$45 per 75-minute session

groups meet once per week

groups are ongoing

7-8 members per group

Group Facilitators: Ariel Robles & Marielle Skouras

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