Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist #120207

Lauren creates a safe holding environment for her clients through radical presence and non-judgment.  She is collaborative and trusts her clients to know themselves in ways she never could.


Lauren combines depth therapy, art therapy and narrative therapy to help people get to the root of what they are aiming to heal.  She brings a rich life experience, which allows her to feel comfortable with anything her clients have to say.  Lauren gives individuals the space to explore themselves freely, asking intuitive questions that allow for big moments of new seeing.


As an artist and practiced art therapist, Lauren uses creativity as a tool for her clients to access untapped parts of themselves.  She believes that art is a softer, less confronting way to access sensitive material . . . and she trusts that deeper self-discovery can happen in the place beyond words.


Lauren loves working with couples, and welcomes them with a nonjudgmental open heart.  She aims to create a sense of safety for each person to express themselves.  Lauren does not take sides—she creates an environment that is blame and shame free.  She honors the truths from both individuals, and helps bridge the gaps that have caused pain in the relationship.

Lauren is passionate about serving the LGBTQI community, artists, and individuals who struggle with depression, addiction, self-esteem and body image.  She is particularly drawn to helping addicts, who are so used to being judged and stigmatized.  Lauren creates a protective space for her clients to be truly themselves; to be open and honest about their ongoing struggles.


Lauren worked for 20 years as a private vegan chef, and she loved the opportunity to listen to the specific needs of her clients, so she could provide attuned nourishment and healing.  She sees her work as a therapist as a similar process of listening and providing thoughtful care.


Lauren earned a BFA in photography from Montclair State University, and an MA from Phillips Graduate Institute, where she dual majored in Family Therapy and Art Therapy.

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